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Here are 10 simple tips to make your next (or even first) presentation a winner!

1. Review Room Logistics
Before your presentation, take the time to visit the location where you will be speaking. Study the room, walk the stage and meet with staging personnel to gain information about equipment and audiovisual needs.
2. Know Your Audience
Talk with the group's coordinator prior to the presentation to learn more about the audience. Find out the group's interests, touchy issues (you want to avoid while presenting) and some inside jokes. This will help build credibility with your audience.
3. Practice Makes Perfect
Know your program materials and take the time to rehearse your presentation.
4. Approach and Confidence
After you have been introduced, walk slowly and confidently to the presenting area. Thank and shake hands with the person who introduced you. Before you begin speaking, scan your audience-smile and take a moment to look about the room.
5. State Your Agenda
After your welcoming remarks, start your presentation with an agenda that summarizes the key points you will cover in your presentation.
6. Gestures and Posture
As you are speaking, maintain eye contact. Use vocal, facial and hand gestures to emphasize key points. Be sure your posture is poised at all times and avoid hiding behind the podium-if possible, go out into the front of the audience.
7. Watch Your Positioning
If you are using overheads, be sure you are not blocking the screen and never turn your back to the audience.
8. Hold the Group's Interest
Use humor (when appropriate), analogies and "real-life" experiences to hold the group's interest.
9. Summarize Key Points
Conclude by summarizing the key points of your presentation.
10. Allow Time for Questions
Whenever possible, allow time for questions the group may have. If you don't know all the answers, develop a methodology for getting back to the group with a prompt reply.

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